Combining blockchain
and exponential organizations to build
scalable, sustainable ventures


Fluid aims to be
your partner

in integrating the transformational power of blockchain into your organization to create ventures with exponential scaling potential and sustainable business models.

We will
work together to

help organizations design, develop and launch sustainable and impactful blockchain business ventures using principles of exponential organizations.


“Through this collaboration and use of lean & ExO approaches our goal of making estate planning, asset management and asset transfer 10x faster, easier and cheaper can be expedited by years.”

Esteban Rodriguez, Founder at Stratos Fiduciaria

“Fluid Chains’ team helped us understand and leverage the impact blockchain technology is bringing to escrow and fiduciary services. Fluid’s team brings a great balance of product, strategy and development skill and we’re happy to have them leading the development of the minimum prototype of our eSSETS platform.”

Orlando Lopez, Founder at Stratos Fiduciaria

“Fluid Chains’ team has been invaluable in helping us launch the Divergenti tokenized economy. They provided us with the right knowledge, tools and experience to kick-start our impact project, accelerate the genesis of our blockchain and the lunch our offering”

Michel Batchoun, Founder of Blockchain Chile

“Together with Fluid Chains, we were able to identify, prototype, and move forward key blockchain opportunities to disintermediate the film industry.”

Orlando Pedregosa, Co-Founder Babieka Films

“We are excited to join forces with Fluid Chains to experiment with what the future of work and decentralized approaches could look like, starting with South Florida.”

Scott Spiegel, Co-founder at Blockchain Center Miami

“Joining efforts with Fluid Chains to explore the future of work, cities, and communities have energized our organization. Blockchain is a team sport!”

Matthieu Merchadou MELKI, Smart Florida

“Fluid Chains team has been essential to help us to understand the importance of exponentials and blockchain and linking it to our innovation community.”

Elkin Echeverri, Foresight Director at Ruta N

“Fluid Chains did great work tokenizing our ExO Ecosystem. They’ve been involved from the very beginning, helped design the whole system, and then launch, grow and maintain our blockchain network and the EXOS token. They continue being the pillars and key contributors of our 5000 people-strong ExO economy.”

Salim Ismail, Founder at OpenExO

Blockchain is a
team sport