Making joint blockchain
opportunities matter

We work with cities, communities, and industries to create token economies, build their platforms, and launch their offerings.

FluidMatters™ is a service & a suite of tools for


Looking to thrive in the 4th industrial revolution and better engage their citizens


businesses and ecosystems building rich experiences and incentive systems for their participants


exploring disintermediation
and disruptive innovation opportunities

Suite of tools

  • provides new means of exchange tied to local development and internationalization of local communities that supplements established currency systems
  • brings efficiencies, revenues and savings and enables our customers to create economic value with transparency and accountability
  • creates incentives to attract talent and build better leaders

The software suite is offered in conjunction with FluidMatters(TM) services

Blockchain setup & genesis

  • Blockchain setup
  • BetaNet launch
  • Blockchain genesis & hatching (PoW & PoS)

Nodes & wallets

  • Full Nodes
  • HD / Cloud wallets
  • Serving multiple platforms & OS’s

Blockchain monitoring

  • Block explorer
  • Blockchain statistics
  • Blockchain network monitoring
  • Staking heatmap

Auxiliary tools

  • Token distribution tool, w/KYC (DADA)
  • Community certification & verification (Chertero)

Making it happen

We follow an end-to-end process which maximizes the success rate, all the way from idea conception to roll-out and operation. See the projects with helped launch and grow.


“Fluid Chains’ team has been invaluable in helping us launch the Divergenti tokenized economy. They provided us with the right knowledge, tools and experience to kick-start our impact project, accelerate the genesis of our blockchain and the lunch our offering”

Michel Batchoun, Founder of Blockchain Chile

“Fluid Chains did great work tokenizing our ExO Ecosystem. They’ve been involved from the very beginning, helped design the whole system, and then launch, grow and maintain our blockchain network and the EXOS token. They continue being the pillars and key contributors of our 5000 people-strong ExO economy.”

Salim Ismail, Founder at OpenExO

Making FluidMatters™ for you?

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