Fluid Chains supports its clients throughout the whole project lifecycle, starting from basic technology introduction, opportunity identification, and figuring out your "why", down to strategy development, product and service design, technical deployment, and operations and marketing support before and after launch.

Our goal is to work alongside your organization in order to make sure that all the necessary knowledge, principles and know-how gets baked into the new organization, or venture, you are creating. We help you create your autonomous, "minimum viable organization" so that in the future you do not need to rely on our work, but your massive transformative purpose ("the why") to move forward. 

Fluid Chains comprise a business team, a technical team and a marketing network specialized in cryptocurrencies and digital assets. True to exponential organizational principles, we have a small core team and access to a large network of on-demand consultants, partners, advisors and subject matter experts. We always aim to get the best match of skill, expertise and mindset for your project. 


Fluid Chains


Our approach is deeply rooted in exponential organizations, lean startup, agile and design thinking and comprises of a four-stage, facilitated process

(1)  Think Phase  - focus on identifying and picking the right blockchain opportunity, creating the vision and strategy

(2) Readiness Phase - focusing on feasibility and viability and aligning the right resources and plans for execution

(3) Execution Phase - helping your organization execute the vision 

(4) Integration - making sure the know-how is embedded into the new company or organization 




ExO Economy                         

Design & launch of a new blockchain, designing the underlying token economy, governance structures as well as seeding the operations, community and early dev ops (nodes, wallets, etc.)                is a decentralized ecosystem that facilitates the creation, funding, and distribution of film, TV and VR projects, which acquired Unrepresented, a Blockchain project accelerated by Fluid Chains and Babieka Films.

Following the merge, turned to Fluid Chains for guidance, insights and practical strategies to apply the principles of exponential organizations to help them design, develop and launch the ecosystem and integrate artificial intelligence solutions into their business model.

RutaN & Blockchain Innovation and Development Center

Fluid Chains, Inc. have a collaboration agreement with RutaN and Blockchain Centre Colombia to develop a Blockchain Innovation and Development Center (CIDB) in Medellin. The CIDB consists of a Hub, Laboratory, Academy and Blockchain Innovation Platform to experiment with distributed ledger technologies and develop capacities and execute projects in the region. Additionally, a novel learning environment and innovative programs will give the local community access to an international R&D network and collaboration opportunities leveraging blockchain technology, both globally and locally.


Ruta N is the center of business and innovation of Medellin that promotes and develops successful knowledge-based businesses through the strengthening of the science, technology and innovation system. Ruta N host the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution of Colombia (C4IR) will have its centre for Latin America in Medellín, it serves as a space of trust and exchange of knowledge.


(1) Acceleration - Development of an exponential business strategy for the Stratis consulting services

(2) Stratis Identity - conceptualization, development and deployment of a Proof of Concept Identity application - showcasing integration of Stratis blockchain with Microsoft's Azure, identity module and Xamarin, all in a single mobile app  


Our purpose is

exponential transformation


Fluid Chains have contributed to a number of early-stage projects in a broad range of industries: telecom, energy, entertainment, medical devices, fintech.

Fluid Chains members regularly lead workshops, webinars, presentations, and training for C-level executives, including Kent Langley’s TEDx talk on token economies.